Flowserve and TKL

Flowserve and TKL

Servicing of Flowserve and TKL Pumps

At Malcolm Thompson Pumps, we are well known for having extensive workshop capabilities to perform repairs and rebuilds for Flowserve pumps, in particular their TKL pump range.

About Flowserve and TKL Pumps

flowserve-tkl-pumpFlowserve is a well-known international manufacturer of reliable centrifugal pumps, end suction pumps and bore pumps. Their comprehensive pump range includes over 100 pump models that are used as key components in a wide range of applications worldwide.

They have built a reputation for providing quality pump equipment and their pumps are compliant with all necessary international standards including IS02858, API610 and ASME/ANSI B73.1.

TKL Pumps was established in 1875 and is now a Flowserve Pump Division after Flowserve acquired the company in 2014.

Flowserve and TKL Pump Services We Provide

pump service workshopWith over 50 years’ experience in servicing pumps, MTP’s Sydney, Perth and Kalgoorlie branches provide service with fast turnaround on all Flowserve’s pump types and brands. This includes:

Specialist in Servicing Flowserve TKL Pumps

tkl pumpMTP’s state of the art workshop and skilled service technicians are accustomed to the repair and rebuild of TKL pumps, this includes:

  • TKL Hydro-Titan Pumps
  • TKL Industrial Process Pumps
  • TKL Single Case Pumps
  • TKL Terra-Titan Slurry Pumps
  • TKL Titan-Slurry Pumps

Get in touch with one our branches today to find out more about MTP’s service capabilities.

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