DP Series

The Grundfos ranges of sewage grinders, drainage pumps, effluent pumps and sewage pumps with AUTOadapt are designed for pumping wastewater in a wide range of municipal, private and industrial applications.

The DP AUTOadapt pumps are fitted with a suction strainer on which the pump stands. The suction strainer allows for the passage of solid particles of up to 10 mm size – the maximum free passage through the DP AUTOadapt pumps

The strainer is easy to dismantle for cleaning or inspection of the pump hydraulics.

The DP AUTOadapt pumps are designed for portable and free-standing use, and can be installed on an auto-coupling system.

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Ergonomic lift handle
The ergonomic lift handle is designed for optimum point-of-balance and, with the motor unit 180° rotatable on the pump housing, will protect the auto-coupling sealing.

Cartridge shaft seal
The efficient double cartridge shaft seal system ensures longer operation time with less downtime, and is easily accessible.

Watertight cable plug
The polyurethane-filled stainless steel cable plug connection ensures a watertight and durable seal around the leads of the cable. Adverse handling and even breakage will not result in water getting to the motor. Simply pull out the plug when servicing the pump, without special tools or risk of compromising the seal, and this will save you money over time.

Stainless steel clamp
This unique clamp assembly system ensures quick and easy disassembly of the pump from the motor unit. This means quick and easy
service in the field, where you don’t need to clean the casing to get to the bolts.

Motor protection
Built-in motor protection and thermal switches in the motor windings provide protection against overheating, and this ensures a long lifetime.

Patented SmartTrim impeller adjustment
Inevitably, the highly efficient impeller will get worn. The patented SmartTrim system enables extremely easy adjustment, service and optimisation of the impeller when necessary to maintain peak performance and this can be done without dismantling the pump. No special tools are required.

  • Commercial wastewater
  • Domestic wastewater
  • Mine dewatering
  • Wastewater transport
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