NK, NKG Series

Grundfos NK and NKG end-suction long-coupled pumps are non-self-priming, single-stage, centrifugal volute pumps with axial-suction port, radial-discharge port and horizontal shaft. If you require a multi-purpose pump suitable for a variety of demanding applications, the NK/NKG ensures reliable and effective supply.

The long-coupled pump design offers easy service because of the spacer coupling. The NK and NKG pump has main dimensions designed to the EN733 standard, and all Grundfos end-suction pumps are tested to ISO909906:2012 Acceptance Grade standards before leaving the factory.

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High efficiency
High-efficiency motors configured to meet requirements from the power supply, the pumping environment and the pumped liquid.

Unequalled flow
Optimised hydraulics in housing and impeller for unimpeded liquid flow through the pump.

Sealed operation
O-ring seal between pump housing and cover means no risk of leakage.

Easy maintenance
Back pull-out design for easy dismantling for service.

  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Commercial heating
  • Commercial hot water recirculation
  • Commercial water pressure boosting
  • District cooling
  • District heating
  • Bottle washing
  • Cooling
  • Desalination
  • Leach mining
  • Machining
  • Mine dewatering
  • Filtration
  • Temperature control
  • Industrial boiler systems
  • Industrial fire protection
  • Industrial heating
  • Industrial water supply
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Irrigation
  • Surface water intake
  • Water distribution
  • Wastewater treatment

Max flow: 1401 m³/h

Head max: 177 m

Liquid temperature: -25 .. 120 °C

p max: 16 bar

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