S Series

Pumps from the Grundfos S submersible wastewater pump range form the backbone of many sewage systems. Chosen for their strength, durability and innovative features, such as SmartTrim and SmartSeal, these pumps are suitable for both temporary and permanent installation.

Designed for submersible and dry installations, they are fitted with either channel or SuperVortex impellers to handle water, unscreened raw sewage and wastewater in infrastructure and industrial applications. The impellers can also be delivered in stainless steel for pumping corrosive liquids.

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SmartTrim impeller adjustment
The Grundfos patented SmartTrim impeller adjustment system lets you maintain the factory-set impeller clearance at all times simply by tightening the adjustment screws on the exterior of the pump housing. This can be done on-site without dismantling the pump.

Leak-proof flange connection
The Grundfos SmartSmeal auto-coupling gasket mounted on the pump discharge flange gives you a completely leak-proof connection between the pump and the base unit of the auto-coupling system.

Channel impeller
S pumps with channel impellers are ideal for large flows of raw, unscreened sewage. Depending on the model, these channel-impeller pumps are capable of handling solids up to 155mm. The result is less clogging and increased pumping efficiency.

SuperVortex impeller
For liquids containing large quantities of solids or fibres, or gassy sludge, S pumps fitted with a SuperVortex impeller are ideal. Available in motor sizes up to 29 kW, the Grundfos SuperVortex-impeller pumpds allow for free passage of solids of up to 100mm.

  • Commercial wastewater
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Water reuse
  • Flood control
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater transport


Max flow: 2000 l/s
Head max: 116 m
Liquid temperature: 0 .. 50 °C
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