Preventative Pump Maintenance

preventative-pump-maintenance-173At MTP we attend multiple emergency pump failures each week and more often than not they could have been prevented or minimised with a structured preventative maintenance plan. Pump failures often result in unplanned site shut-downs, risks to the health and safety of customers and employees and costly, unplanned pump repairs.

At MTP we work with our customers to tailor maintenance packages for specific site requirements, taking into consideration the fluid being pumped, the type of application, the equipment age, the system design and the consequence of a catastrophic failure. We aim to give you peace of mind – that you are protecting your assets and minimising the chance of an unexpected failure.

Our Preventative Pump Maintenance Programs

another-preventative-maintanceOur preventative pump maintenance programs typically include:
 General check of pump’s operation, vibration and noise
 Confirming the pump direction is correct
 Conducting electrical test on motor (insulation and amperage)
 Checking pit condition (if applicable)
 Checking valve condition and operation
 Providing a maintenance report and quotes for additional works if required

We offer monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance programs, however we are able to develop custom programs as well.

Benefits of MTP’s Preventative Pump Maintenance

Benefits of preventative pump maintenance programs include:

orange-tick  Reduce likelihood of un-expected system failure which could result in an unscheduled site shut down, flooding, etc

orange-tick  Assist businesses with budget planning ie limit the risk of an unexpected and costly emergency

orange-tick  Provide you with peace of mind knowing a qualified technician is monitoring your site’s pumps

orange-tick  Assist businesses with scheduling works, rather than dealing with unexpected works


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