Comprehensive range of accessories for all FLUX pump models

FLUX has a wide range of accessories to supplement the diverse range of pumps. FLUX accessories provide smooth, safe running and make work easier.

For example, lift a FLUX pump out of the drum without exertion thanks to the carrying handle and spring balancer. Space-saving storage equipment allows pumps to be easily stored. Furthermore, for every application, the right hose is pre-configured and integrated into the required length.

For typical drum pump applications there are pre-configured pump sets available. Whether for mobile or static deployment – with the FLUX range of accessories, a FLUX pump can be turned into a custom-made pumping system for any application.

Every application has a hose – pre-configured and can be cut to the required length.
Solenoid Valve and Controlled Valves
With a suitable valve and additional accessories a FLUX pump becomes a tailor-made conveying system (cf. pages 36 and 37). Collaboration with different suppliers makes the best choice for each application.
For trouble-free and safe operation. E. g. a FLUX pump can be lifted out of the drum without any effort thanks to the carrying handle and spring balancer.
Suction Strainer
When using open containers, impurities cannot permanently be excluded. Strainers mounted on the pump inlet help to protect the pump against any damage.
Hand Nozzles
The FLUX hand nozzles offer due to their optimum sealing and high operational safety in every situation. Due to the ergonomically shaped hand lever minimal effort is needed for the operation. Furthermore, the unique swivel joint with revolving balls guarantees absolute tightness even under pressure.
Fume Glands
The FLUX fume glands prevent the emission of highly aggressive fumes while pumping out of drums which can cause damage to human beings or the environment.
Hose Connections and other Items
Tailor-made products, intelligent solutions, comprehensive service and certified safety are the characteristic features of the versatile FLUX pump technology. With FLUX, you can rely on more than 60 years of competence highly appreciated worldwide. The products’ remarkable quality and long life guarantee operational reliability to prevent downtime costs.
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