Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste

For all of your municipal waste processes from waste handling and separation, storage and processing, transfer and transport, and processing and treatment, Malcolm Thompson Pumps has a pump solution to suit your needs.

Malcolm Thompson Pumps has an extensive range of pumps for water and wastewater applications including submersible pumps (dewatering and sewerage), dosing pumps and monitoring equipment, transfer and trash pumps and self priming pumps. So whether it’s clean water supply, groundwater irrigation, water or wastewater transfer, water recycling or bore water, Malcolm Thompson Pumps has the right pump for all water applications.

We understand that productivity is essential in sewage plants; that’s why we have a range of submersible pumps efficient in transferring sewage and wastewater containing solid matters. We also supply sewage treatment equipment such as aerators and scum skimmers to ensure sewage is transferred and treated successfully.

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