How to find the best-suited submersible pumps for your industry

A submersible pump, also known as an electric submersible pump, dewatering submersible pump or submersible water pump, is a pump that’s designed to be fully submerged in water or liquid. These types of pumps are typically highly reliable due to the compact nature of design, their advanced system of mechanical seals and fluid tight joint sealing methods which prevents fluid from getting into the motor.

Submersible pumps are used in a wide range of industries, including the chemical, food service, agriculture, mining and waste management industries, just to name a few. Different sectors have different requirements, and it’s important to choose the right submersible pump for your requirements to avoid issues such as short cycling, overheating and excessive wear.

To help you choose the right submersible pump, we’ve created a quick guide to the best-suited submersible pumps by industry.

What should I consider when selecting a submersible pump?

 Regardless of your industry, when you’re choosing a submersible pump, you should consider the following:

  • Flow/discharge capacity – the greater the flow volume, the faster the water or liquid will be moved, so make sure to choose a pump with adequate flow capacity.
  • Discharge head – this is the total height from the source of the water to the destination or discharge point and provides power to move water or liquid over a certain distance. The greater the discharge head, the higher or further you can pump water or liquid.

Submersible pumps for the chemical industry

 Applications involving liquid chemicals require caution as suitable pump materials must be selected. Look for a non-clog type submersible pump constructed from a chemically-inert material to ensure it’s equipped to handle chemical substances and hazardous liquids.

Submersible pumps for the waste management industry

 A submersible sewage pump is essential for the waste management industry as it can go where people would prefer not to. These types of submersible pumps can be used to move or re-circulate contents depending on the treatment process. Pump design types used in this industry can be Non-clog, Cutter, Grinder or Vortex depending on the actual duty application.  An aerator pump can also be used if oxygen needs to be added to water.

Submersible pumps for the food service industry

 Submersible pumps work well for waste liquid transfer in the food service industry. It is also important that the pump you choose is easy to operate and can withstand elevated temperatures.

Submersible pumps for the agriculture industry

 Borehole pumps – a type of submersible pump – are particularly useful in the agricultural industry as they enable access to underground water for your stock, reticulation or irrigation. For agricultural applications, make sure to choose a heavy-duty submersible pump (such as a Grundfos or Stalker pump) that will operate trouble free for many years when installed in these environments.

Submersible pumps for general dewatering applications

 If you have to deal with flooding issues such as storm water drainage, mine site dewatering or construction site drainage, dewatering submersible pumps are your go-to. Brands like Aquaplus and Grundfos design submersible pumps specifically for dewatering purposes.

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