Introducing the FLUX PERIPOWER Pump: Redefining Industrial Pumping Solutions!

Malcolm Thompson Pumps proudly unveils the latest addition to the Flux product range: FLUX PERIPOWER, a robust peristaltic pump that is setting new benchmarks in handling aggressive media while ensuring optimal performance across diverse applications.

Gentle on Tough Materials

The FLUX PERIPOWER pump excels in handling aggressive and abrasive media, safeguarding even the most challenging substances. Its remarkable capacity of up to 300 cubic meters per hour (m³/h) effortlessly manages media laden with high solids content, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Built for Strength, Engineered for Ease

Crafted for durability and user convenience, FLUX PERIPOWER requires minimal maintenance, offering longevity and reliability. Its user-friendly design facilitates easy hose replacements, minimising downtime without requiring any specialised tools or on-site personnel, ensuring seamless operations.

Diverse Applications

Across industries, FLUX PERIPOWER proves its versatility:

Mining: Tackling viscous sludge enriched with abrasive raw materials like clay and lime, the PERIPOWER ensures efficiency and reduced downtime, with hassle-free hose maintenance.

Chemical Industry: With a robust design and a wide array of hose materials boasting excellent chemical resistance, the PERIPOWER efficiently pumps various chemicals, delivering unparalleled performance.

Paper Industry: Designed to handle fibrous media prevalent in paper manufacturing, the PERIPOWER streamlines operations with its efficient pumping capabilities.

Food and Beverage Industry: Meeting stringent hygiene standards, the PERIPOWER ensures reliable handling of demanding media, offering FDA-compliant hose materials for added assurance.

Upgrade Your Operations with PERIPOWER

The FLUX PERIPOWER peristaltic pump is a powerful, reliable, and low-maintenance design that makes it the ideal choice for handling aggressive and abrasive media.

At Malcolm Thompson Pumps, we are dedicated to delivering industry-leading solutions.

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