Service and Repair Guide: The Effects of Poor Pump Maintenance

If there’s one thing we see a lot on our repair jobs, it’s preventable damage through inadequate servicing and maintenance. Read through the most common effects of poor maintenance for centrifugal pumps, and be better prepared so you can avoid these issues from occurring or escalating.

What are the signs of poor pump maintenance?

effects-of-poor-pump-maintenance-case-studyLow liquid flow or liquid pressure
Low flow or pressure can point to a wide number of problems. Possible culprits for low pressure could be clogged suction, an air leak in the suction line or wearing of the impeller, ring or seal plates. If the pump has a loss of flow, this could be caused by debris in and around the impeller, clogged suction, vortexing or valve issues.

Pump starts, then stops soon after
The problem may be loss of prime and your pump could be running dry, which can quickly lead to irreversible damage. Your problem could also be an air leak on the intake or a damaged bladder in your pressure tank, causing the pump to start everytime the system looses a small amount of pressure.

Noisy operation
The last thing you want to hear is a grinding or rattling noise from your pump. Mechanical issues can include problems with worn bearings or seals, a coupling misalignment or a blocked or worn impeller. Hydraulic noise can be caused by cavitation, water hammer or excessive velocity.

effects-of-poor-pump-maintenance-case-studyElectrical faults
First of all, check your supply power to eliminate the possibility of voltage or current surges causing overheating or overloading. Environmental moisture and humidity can cause undesirable corrosion in your pump motor, while seal failure can also lead to pump motors cutting out.

Pump vibration
Vibration is a highly undesirable symptom as it can shorten the life of many components and cause misalignment and air leaks. Possible causes of vibration could be using the improper size of piping, vortexing, internal recirculation, pump cavitation or water hammer.

You can avoid the vast majority of these problems through regular maintenance and the rapid repairs of any minor problems before they lead to costly repairs. To book in-house or onsite pump service and repairs, contact the MTP team with a free call on 1800 439 607.

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