The new Aquaplus AD Series has arrived!

Malcolm Thompson Pump is pleased to introduce the newest air diaphragm pumps in the market, the Aquaplus AD Series.

Offering reliable performance and durability, the Aquaplus AD Series is available in a variety of sizes and materials to handle any liquid pumping application in industries such as mining, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, oil and gas and more.

The AD pumps offer extended service life with their low internal velocities and the use of air pressure, rather than mechanical force on the diaphragm. These features also allow the pumps to handle fragile, highly viscous or abrasive materials without damage to the medium or the pump.

Self-priming and safe to operate in deadheaded situations, the AD pumps are also able to run dry without undue damage or heat and are perfect for on-demand or intermittent use applications.

Malcolm Thompson Pumps also offers a range of service capabilities and genuine Aquaplus spare parts to further extend the service life of your pump, and ensure its continued strong performance and efficiency.

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