Achieving Australian made Industrial Pump Solutions

australian-industrial-pumpOur branches receive a number of enquiries each year requiring urgent pumping solutions. This spans across a number of applications in particular, for industrial pump purposes.

With the assistance of our Sales, Service and Engineering teams, we have become highly experienced in achieving great results for our clients, especially in regards to lead times and the quality of our Australian made pumps.

On this occasion, a large coal power station located in Western Australia, approached MTP for an urgent pump solution at their site.

Long Overseas Pump Lead Time


Our client had an old Japanese manufactured slurry pump which was continually failing. With no local support for this pump, our client reached out to the overseas manufacturer, however, received a lead time of 6 to 8 months.

Understandably, this was not an ideal situation for our client who also had to bear in mind the large costs associated with buying an overseas pump.

Australian Made Industrial Pumps

Our client contacted the MTP Perth team to discuss how we could meet their specified requirements.

With the pump being used at a power station, our client needed a quick lead time while also requiring a reliable and heavy duty pumping solution.


Our team recommended the Stalker ISO 125×100-315 Pump. With 27% Chrome Iron being the choice of material along with heavy duty castings, this pump is built for enhanced abrasion resistance and toughness.

Being part of the Stalker range, the ISO pump was manufactured locally in Perth, WA, allowing for a much quicker lead time compared to overseas pump suppliers. Additionally, our branches stock all spare parts for this pump range which means they can be readily available for our clients.

Once the manufacture of the Stalker Pump was complete, it was then coupled to a 30kW 4-pole electric motor on a common base frame.


High Quality, Industrial Pump Solutions

Our Engineering and Design team worked with our client to develop the appropriate pump system while also completing all system curves and analysis.

We successfully achieved our clients lead time of 8 weeks, providing all documentation including IOM manuals and GA drawings of the pump set.

Our client was highly impressed with the lead time and quality of the Stalker Pump with it greatly impacting the power stations operations.

When in need of an urgent pumping solution, we highly recommend getting in touch with one of our branches who will be able to guide you through the appropriate Stalker Pump.

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