Custom Pumps delivered within 5 day deadline

Malcolm Thompson Pumps recently designed, manufactured and supplied 3 custom built ISO End Suction Pumps to our customer of over 10 years, a mining services company located in Newcastle.

Our customer contacted MTP for a customised solution, knowing we could utilise our capabilities at our Stalker Pumps’ foundry and machine shop in Perth. Stalker Pumps is the only pump supplier in Australia with a foundry onsite, giving us complete control of the end to end manufacturing process.

Special Challenge

Our customer approached us when their chosen OEM supplier for the project extended the delivery date on their order from 6 weeks to 12 weeks. To meet the original project deadline, MTP had to design, manufacture and supply within 5 working days.

Our customer required 3 custom built ISO End Suction pumps with the following optional extras:

  • Customised pump casing and back plate to handle 30 bar
  • ANSI Class 300 Flanges
  • Single Cartridge seal mechanical seal
  • Witness test reports on the pressure test and impeller trim

The solution

In close consultation with our customer, MTP’s dedicated engineering and design team had to significantly adjust their operations to ensure that they could deliver the customised pumps within the short timeframe.

This included:

  • The projects and engineering team designing a new volute and back plate, modification of component drawings
  • Cast ductile iron components in the foundry, including the volute, back plates and pedestal
  • The Stalker Pumps machine shop operating double-shifts over a weekend to ensure production
  • Customised documentation & QA protocols, including witnessed high pressure test reports.
  • Logistics management to airfreight the finished products from Perth to Sydney, followed by a direct road connection to Bathurst

The results

MTP successfully designed and supplied the pump units to the customer’s specifications, within budget and on time. The Stalker Pumps foundry enabled us to provide complete flexibility, including manufacturing high quality castings, in a wide variety of materials and optional extras. The customer was very happy with MTPs professional service and the products supplied, promising MTP will be their number 1 supplier for all their ISO pump requirements in the future.

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