Partners in Power: How Malcolm Thompson Pumps (MTP) Provides Custom Solutions for Customer Problems

The Problem

Our client, a leading producer of aggregates with an annual output of up to 500,000 tons, was looking for a cost-effective energy solution for their quarry plant. They were facing high energy costs during daytime operations due to unfavourable peak usage rates from their local energy provider.

The plant required a generator with a capacity of more than 235 kW and they needed it solved in less than 12 weeks. With the deadline coming up all other potential suppliers quoting delivery and installation times of over 20 weeks, things weren’t looking good.

The Approach

A custom solution for our customer’s problem; Despite generators not being a traditional product offering for MTP, our expertise and strong professional relationships with the quarry owners enabled us to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

We knew that ordering a new generator wasn’t an option with the time frames, and meeting specific requirements made it more of a challenge.

In the past, MTP has supplied EPS units with high-quality Australian-made pumps and related equipment as part of holistic solutions. Leveraging our expertise and network, we were able to find the optimal solution for the quarry’s needs within the timeframes set and swiftly resolve a crucial supply issue whilst surpassing the quarry’s expectations.

The Solution

We had to find a new energy source. Faced with this challenge for our client’s sand washing operations and tight timeframes, we were able to source a nearly new 750/825 kVA (300 kW) generator that had only been used for a mere 82 hours which more than met our client’s energy requirements.

Partnering with EPS, we collaboratively customised this generator into a tailored solution, integrating the latest technology. A variable speed radiator was installed for improved efficiency, the earth leakage upgraded for enhanced safety, and a fire suppression system incoprorated for added peace of mind.

The generator was also designed to meet the stringent NSW mine and quarry specifications to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

The final solution was all assembled in a 6 metre shipping container, specifically designed with side access doors for operations and servicing. The unit was ready for deployment to site.

The Result

The biggest challenge for our client was the tight delivery timeline for a generator. The plant was ahead of schedule and required a quick solution. With other suppliers unable to meet the demand, MTP’s agility, extensive experience, know-how and connections meant we could meet this challenge head on and solve it.

The end result was a generator that was delivered on time, exceeded expectations and provided exceptional reliability and state-of-the-art features for the sand washing operations. MTP once again demonstrated their commitment to providing innovative and effective solutions for their clients.

MTP is more than just a provider of high-quality pumps, we are a flexible and dependable business partner, capable of delivering custom end-to-end solutions.

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