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Stormwater PumpFor any Building Manager, you never want to experience pump failure, especially when it causes your underground carpark to flood. The impacts can be substantial, which is why it is so vital to recognise the importance of having a preventative maintenance program for your stormwater pumps.

A well-known Commercial Real Estate Company, who are a long-standing client of MTP, are a great example of how, with regular pump check-ups, stormwater pumps can endure long-term operation.

In time, due to the environment these pumps are in, they will need to be replaced and it’s important to go with pump technicians that are experienced in this field to do the job correctly.


stormwater pumpsWith a structured preventative pump maintenance plan in place, MTP service technicians attended the facility to find our clients pumps in a deteriorating state. These pumps have been in-situ for over 15 years and after a thorough inspection, our service technicians recommended to replace both pumps.

Located within an underground carpark, the first pump had very low flow due to worn components, and the second pump had low resistance to an earth reading of 0.1meg ohms.

With the existing pumps being in use for over a decade, this pump model was no longer available, therefore a new pump model had to be purchased and installed. In addition, with it being a stormwater application, our team needed to ensure on the day that the inflow was not continual otherwise the pit could fill up and installation could take some time.

stormwater pumpSolution

Our client was made aware of the stormwater pumps deteriorating condition 12 months prior to the instalment taking place. This greatly benefited them both operationally and financially as they avoided an emergency pump failure that could have had substantial impacts. In addition, they budgeted appropriately for this work to be completed due to the high level of notice received.

The MTP Sydney team supplied two of the Flygt NS3102.160 SG 256 pumps. This type of pump allows for a smooth submersible pump installation with the pump hose coupling being easily attached to the discharge pipe.

stormwater pumpThe pump removal and installation took place early in the morning with our service team firstly isolating power and water supply to the existing pumps. Once completed, our service technicians equipped themselves in the appropriate safety wear and began the process of entering the confined space to remove the pumps.

As to be expected, the existing pumps returned in a worn state with our technicians affirming that their condition was beyond economical repair.

With the pumps now removed, the new Flygt pumps were slowly brought into the pit and installed, connecting into the existing piping system.


stormwater pump Based on our team’s knowledge and experience within this field, we were able to complete this removal and installation under the specified time initially proposed. The overall install went very smoothly with our team using the appropriate safety measures and equipment to ensure the job was completed to a high standard.

Our client is a pleasure to work with as they understand and recognise the importance of having a preventative maintenance plan. There existing pump system was able to last over 15 years due to MTP doing routine check-ups of their pumps performance.

Our service technicians can’t stress enough the value of having a preventative maintenance plan. Pump failure can cause significant issues both operationally and financially and can most likely be avoided by having our technicians attend site to carry out servicing to a structured maintenance plan to suit your pumping system.

If you would like to discuss our preventative pump maintenance plans further, contact our team today.

stormwater pump stormwater pump

stormwater pump

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