How MTP Repair Dewatering Pump Systems

Our Service teams across Australia receive many enquiries in regards to repairing dewatering pump systems.

Dewatering pump systems play an important role for many applications including mine dewatering and process water supply. Failure to have your pump system components performing to high standards will have significant impacts operationally and financially.

On this occasion, a large mining company approached our Perth Service Technicians to investigate the service and repair of their dewatering pump system.

A Failing Dewatering Pump System

Dewatering Pump RepairOur client had a Dewatering Pump System which was used on a major mine site in Western Australia.

They were not satisfied with the performance of their pump system due to the diesel engine installed being incorrect and undersized for the pump and application.

This caused a variety of issues for our client, in particular for the pump itself as it was underperforming to the duty required.

With the guidance of our Perth Service team, an appropriate solution was developed that lengthened the life of the pumping system as well as achieved long term cost efficiency.

Restoring Pump Systems Performance

pump-system-repair-serviceWe were able to supply and install a new diesel Cummins QSB 4.5 Engine that was powered to match the pumps absorbed power requirements.

Our Service team removed the Stalker Pump from the skid in order to disassemble and repair. This included replacing the pump parts as listed below:

  • Impeller
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Case O-ring
  • Bearings x2
  • Suction Flange Gasket
  • Discharge Flange Gasket

We were then able to design, fabricate and modify the pipework to suit the new diesel engine and flow requirements.

Benefits of Repairing Pump Systems

dewatering-pump-serviceThe Stalker Pump Dewatering System is now fully operational with it performing to its required duty.

The installation of the new engine and overhaul of the Stalker Pump has removed the need for our client to purchase a brand new pumping unit. It also removes having non-operational equipment that can be seen as dead capital.

Being able to restore the performance of pumps is a great strength of MTP’s Service and Repair department.

We are able to repair dewatering pump packages from all pump brands including Stalker Pumps and Aquaplus.

When faced with pump system problems, we highly recommend discussing your options with our technicians. It can be more beneficial, operationally and financially, for our service team to replace and/or repair pump parts rather than manufacture a complete new pumping system.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss more about our service capabilities.  

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