Onsite Overhaul of a Legra Highwall Dewatering Pump Machine


Our customer urgently required a local supplier to take charge of overseeing a comprehensive on-site overhaul of their onsite pump equipment. This encompassed reviewing the intricate domains of their existing pumping, hydraulics, and diesel engine equipment – all pivotal components of their operations.

The crucial water transfer process, vital for moving resources from the pit to the mine concentrator was not functioning optimally, causing mill production to grind to a halt. This issue arose due to a combination of irregular maintenance practices and a misinterpretation of the capabilities of the on-site pump equipment by the customer.


The MTP Service Team visited the client’s site to assess the problem and challenges, leveraging their profound familiarity with the location and their in-depth understanding of the existing pump equipment capabilities. A full assessment of the pump equipment was made, and our Service Team quickly came up with a design and an effective solution to assist the customer. A comprehensive and competitive repair quote was developed and presented to our client.


The suggested solution was to completely overhaul the High Wall Pump – in stages – in order to keep water flowing without major disruptions to operations. The stages had to be carefully planned out in consultation with the client. The location of the pump equipment also needed to be taken into account as it was situated halfway down an open pit and on the edge, posing its own unique challenges. The process for the overhaul was that a new Cummins Diesel engine was first organised, fitted and modified to fit the existing skid. Modifications, such as the relocation of the exhaust system and lubrication/fuel lines, directed to a new storage source.

The MTP Service Team then attended to the control system. This was done to set the pumps at a maximum working load to achieve new flow/head parameters. Next, the team started the overhaul of the hydraulic systems. The systems were flushed extensively, and a service kit was run throughout all the hydraulic drives, glands, and cylinders.

The suction pump was retrieved from a 100m decline using a wheel and axial cage system, which was then fully rebuilt with a new cage, axial, and wheels. The new pump was overhauled with hydraulic pipework. The booster pump was then also reequipped, and auxiliary equipment was changed for metering purposes.


The result was a fully refurbished Legra High Wall Pump – now delivering 80ltrs per second to the mill/concentrator for production. The project was complete, and all issues were resolved – within our work scope. More importantly, the project was carried out effectively and with zero harm or incident. This was only achieved due to the MTP team’s meticulous implementation of hazard identification and safety systems throughout the entire project.

In a mere matter of days, the MTP team successfully provided the customer with a solution that enabled them to restore their mine site to full operational capacity. MTP effectively addressed the issue of water flow obstruction in the water mill, ensuring a consistent and appropriately pressurised water supply to the mill.

This swift and reliable resolution proved to be a lifeline for the mine, allowing them to resume full production promptly – minimising costly downtime. Not only did MTP deliver a cost-effective solution, but, more crucially, we expedited the process of getting the mine site back to its full capacity, which was of critical importance to the customer.

The customer was not only relieved that the problem was fixed but has gained total confidence in MTP’s service, product and capabilities. This has also led to many more opportunities onsite and many more projects. As an example, Legra High Wall Pumps have no technical support in WA, however, due to MTP’s understanding of the equipment and our professional approach, it was agreed for MTP to assist with equipment upgrades and provide critical supply of parts. The customer has also since engaged MTP to compile a comprehensive service schedule and provide critical spares to reduce the risk of this happening again.

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