Pump Design and Manufacture for a Waste Water Treatment Plant

Malcolm Thompson Pumps recently manufactured and supplied a pump package for the Water Corporation of Western Australia. The pump system was to be added in as part of their potable water filter upgrade to polish the water by improving turbidity.

The Problempump-design-and-manufacture-for-a-waste-water-treatment-plant-2

Our customer needed two existing pump sets to be replaced as part of the filter upgrade works. The pumps had unique requirements given the large variation in flow depending on the variable throughput. Additionally, the pump has a low head/high flow combination and was required to deliver between 100 and 160L/s at between 8-15m head respectively, which was achieved  by coupling the pumps to  motors with variable speed control.

The Solution

In light of the large variations in flows, MTP’s dedicated engineering and design team worked in close consultation with the civil contractor and determined to utilise a Variable Speed drive and 45kW, 6 pole TECO MaxE3 high efficiency electric motors. The motors was coupled to Stalker Heavy Duty (SHD) Series 300×250-400 centrifugal pumps, capable of delivering up to 390L/s to 47m head at best efficiency point at 1500rpm. We supplied two units for a duty and standby operation. The design duty was 150 L/s (540 m³/hr.) at 14.5m TDH.pump-design-and-manufacture-for-a-waste-water-treatment-plant-1

The Results

MTP successfully designed and built the pump unit to the customer’s strict specifications within the budget and in a timely manner.

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