Pump System Replacement for Poultry Farm

Old Pump System Pump System Installation New Installed Pump
Before Installation After

Malcolm Thompson Pumps has worked with a local NSW poultry farm, tailoring a new pump solution for their farm. Their aging Grundfos CR60-50 based pump system was removed and upgraded with a brand new Grundfos CR64-3-1 model multi-stage pump.

Working closely with the farm owners, our team identified the Grundfos CR64-3-1 as the best solutions for the poultry farm. The Grundfos CR64-3-1 was chosen based on the farm’s current and planned future needs, its outstanding benefits were identified as:

  • Performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Long service life and reliability
  • Compatibility and ease of use of the new pump (as it was also a Grundfos pump)
  • Servicing and availability of spare parts

The old pump was removed by our technicians on a Saturday, when the farm was already in shut-down, and replaced with the new Grundfos CR64-3-1 the same day. This allowed the farm to start-up again on the Monday, without disturbance to production.

With a focus on preventative maintenance programs, our Malcolm Thompson Pump staff are dedicated to working closely with our clients to ensure we consistently meet the requirements of every task, and follow up with expert servicing and spares to make sure our solution keeps performing for our clients, day-in day-out.

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