Supply and Install of Solar Powered Aeration Pumps Restores Ecological Balance


Bedwell Park Lake in Horningsea Park needed some assistance to address an issue with uncontrolled native aquatic plant growth. The overgrown plants were impacting the lake’s aesthetic appeal, ecological balance and community enjoyment of the space.

While native aquatic plant growth is a natural component of aquatic ecosystems, uncontrolled growth can lead to several problems.


Malcolm Thompson Pumps Service Technicians visited site and followed up with a proposal for an environmentally sustainable solution – the installation of a cutting-edge solar-powered aeration system.

Crafted to elevate oxygen levels within the lake and improve water movement, this system adeptly disrupts the conducive growth conditions for the aquatic plant growth – all without relying on, or taxing, the limited existing electrical infrastructure.

By harnessing the power of solar energy, the recommended aeration system not only efficiently addressed the aquatic plant growth issue, but also seamlessly aligned with sustainable environmental management practices.

This approach has ensured that Bedwell Park Lake’s ecological equilibrium is upheld for future generations, whilst simultaneously safeguarding its peaceful atmosphere, innate beauty, and community recreational value.


The implementation of the suggested solar-powered aeration system has not only delivered environmental benefits, but has also resulted in significant cost efficiencies. With no ongoing running costs and
minimal maintenance expenses, the solar system provides a sustainable solution that aligns with both ecological and financial objectives.

Furthermore, the strategic decision to limit the aeration system’s operation to daylight hours has not only curtailed energy consumption, but also mitigated potential noise-related concerns during the evening, addressing community considerations.

The successful execution of the project, including the supply and installation of the solar splash 2001 aeration pump, electrical controller, stainless steel anchorage systems, dinghy, and safety equipment,
showcases MTP’s commitment and expertise in custom, comprehensive solutions.

The involvement of MTP service technicians in the installation and system testing further ensures a seamless and reliable operational outcome, marking a successful collaboration that combines innovation, sustainability, and prompt execution.

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