Taking charge of your pump controller system

Having your pump controller system operating to a high standard is an essential part of your pumps performance, and long term endurance. Failure to have an appropriate maintenance program in place for your control system can lead to untimely pump failure. Pump failure requires an immediate action, which seriously impacts overall business operations and doesn’t let you budget accordingly.

These issues can easily be avoided by having an experienced pump service team oversee your pump controller system. This can be seen by a prominent Western Australian Strata Management company who asked MTP to investigate significant issues with one of their buildings pump system controls.

A deteriorating pump controller system

Upon arrival to inspect the clients’ issues, the MTP Perth Service team were quick to notice that the building’s water pressure was quite low. As expected, this caused a variety of issues for the facility as the pump check valve had failed, the gate valve had corroded shut and the manifold was also full of corrosion and debris.

Further analysis by the team showed the computer drives to the pumps to be very erratic and not controlling the high and low pressure settings efficiently, thus causing inconsistent water pressures. In addition, the water pressure was only achieving 2.9 bar to the top floor and pump 3 had never been activated nor programmed on demand to boost.


Grundfos CU 352 Upgrade

grundfos-pump-controllerIn order for this system to be repaired to appropriate standards, our team needed to remove the faulty pump drive controller and components and install new drives to each individual pump.

Our technicians upgraded the outdated PMP/PFU controls on an old Hydro 2000 pump control system to a new Grundfos CU 352 control. The CU 352 features long-lasting technology that delivers optimum wire to water efficiency. Its features include the ability to enter pump curve data to optimise performance and reduce energy consumption. Additionally, the log function enables monitoring of the system over a period of time.

Once completed, the pump pressure and on/off settings were set up on the upgraded pump system with the water then being turned on, and testing being carried out.

Learn more about our Grundfos range here.

A fully performing pump controller system

grundfos-controllerThe water pressure throughout the building is now a constant 5 bar with pumps 1 and 2 at 56% load. The new upgrades are providing consistent pressure and energy efficiency, with pump 3 being set as a backup for the now fully performing pumps.

Our team are highly accustomed to supplying, installing, servicing and repairing pump control systems for a variety of pump brands. Our technicians emphasise the importance of having a regular preventative maintenance program in place for your pump control systems. Failure to do so can have significant impacts on your facilities operations, and finances.

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