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DiaLog700 Pool Package

MTP is a proud distributor of ProMinent Chemical Dosing Pumps and Water Treatment Packages.

The ProMinent® diaLog700 pool package is the ideal system for monitoring and controlling water chemistry parameters on a pH and free chlorine basis in outdoor swimming pools.

Package includes:

  • diaLog Controller (pH/chlorine)
  • pH probe and free chlorine probes
  • Probe holder and flow switch assembly
  • Inline filter assembly
  • 25m roll of sample line tube
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DiaLog700 Pool Package
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Single point calibration of probes
  • Provides optimum control of pH and chlorine levels
  • Pulse frequency relay for controlling metering pumps
  • Illuminated display
  • Backboard mounted, pre-wired and tested
  • Isolation of probes possible
  • Amperometric probe for accurate measurement of free available chlorine in the prescence of cyanuric acid
  • Power relays can be configured as alarms, limit values or pulses with modulated control outputs for metering pumps
  • Analogue output 0/4-20 mA for measurement/control outputs
  • Chemical dosing stops when no flow is detected through sample line
  • Water chemistry data is stored on a 512MB SD card
  • Commercial aquatic centres
  • Learn to swim pools
  • Hydrotherapy pools

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