EZstrip Transfer Pump

EZstrip™ Transfer Pump is suitable for handling domestic and industrial effluents, slurries, chemicals, gypum and more.

The EZstrip has been specifically designed to provide a quick and easy way to disassemble, de-rag and maintain a PC pump in-situ, eliminating the costly maintenance and down time that servicing can often cause.

Installation is simple, with no electrical disconnection required. Suction and discharge pipes also remain untouched.

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  • Available in cast iron or stainless steel, with a choice of rotor and stator materials, including WRAS compliant elastomers
  • Quick and easy de-rag, in place
  • Requires only spanners and an allen key to maintain, reducing maintenance downtime
  • No need to disconnect suction and discharge pipework when installing
  • Capacity of up to 165m3/h and 12 bar pressure
  • Can be retrofitted into existing Compact C installations
  • Operational parameters are unaffected
  • A pre-assembled drive train is available, with 2 year warranty, to allow an even faster re-assembly time
  • Industrial and domestic effluents
  • Hydrated lime slurry
  • Sludge
  • Shear sensitive latex emulsion
  • Milk curds, sauces and fruit juices
  • Industrial chemicals and detergents
  • Starch slurries
  • Coating clays
  • Gypsum
  • Silicate
  • Paper stocks
  • Agricultural slurries
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