Flux - Miniflux Container Pump

The MINIFLUX horizontally installed container pump is designed for emptying IBCs via their floor-level outlet. Designed as an alternative to a vertical pump, the MINIFLUX can be used when an IBC is not accessible from the top. It is suitable for applications when gravity draining via the outlet tap is insufficient eg. rapid dispensing, long distance product transfer, or transfer to another container in a higher location. Power can ideally be provided by commutator or compressed air motor.

Examples of media:

  • Low concentrated acids and lyes
  • Aqueous solutions
  • Solvents
  • Highly flammable liquids
  • Mineral oil products
  • Base materials for the cleaning agent production
  • Diverse raw materials for the cosmetics production
  • Features
  • Brochure
  • For pumping out of IBCs directly from the outlet (with standard S60 x 6 thread)
  • Simple connection of the pump to the outlet by union nut
  • Compact design
  • Can be dismantled into two parts via clamp
  • Low overall weight of 1.2kg
  • No need to mount pump to top of container
  • Does not require access to the container from above
  • Ideally combined with commutator motor or compressed-air motor



  • Can be used where ceilings are low
  • Allows pumping directly from floor-level outlets, even when containers are stacked
  • Significantly higher flow rate and pressure compared to draining by gravity
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Simple disconnection from IBC with union nut
  • Delivery against closed valve (e.g. hand nozzle, flap valve etc.) possible
  • Suitable for use in explosion hazard areas zone 1**
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