MTP is a proud distributor of ProMinent Chemical Dosing Pumps and Water Treatment Packages.

Prominent’s Sigma range of motor driven dosing pumps is the most robust, reliable design in Prominent’s motor driven range and is suitable for heavy duty industrial processes.

At MTP, we distribute both the basic type and the control type at all 3 levels:

  • Sigma 1 (Basic)
  • Sigma 2 (Basic)
  • Sigma 3 (Basic)
  • Sigma 1 (Control Type)
  • Sigma 2 (Control Type)
  • Sigma 3 (Control Type)

The Sigma motor-driven metering pumps can handle the following substances:

  • Chemicals up to over 1,000 l/h
  • Disinfectants in potable water treatment
  • Disinfectants in cooling circuits
  • Flocculants in waste water treatment
  • Additives in the paper industry
  • Additives in plastic manufacturing
  • Features
  • Applications

The pumps offer a very wide performance range. They also offer extremely accurate metering even under fluctuating pressure conditions (rigid characteristic curve). This results in reduced chemical consumption and precise process control.

Need a higher performance class? These pumps always deliver robust, low-cost power. They are also flexible: they can be controlled via the stroke length and motor speed, allowing them to be seamlessly integrated and/or retrofitted in automated processes. Energy consumption depends on the power required, not the other way round. And lastly, specially designed metering profiles allow optimum metering results.

Applications for the Sigma Basic and Sigma Control 1,2,3.

  • Metering of highly viscous substances such as polymers
  • Cyanide dosing in gold processing and treatment
  • Wastewater dosing in municipal sewerage treatment plants
  • Water treatment for boiler feed water in power stations
  • Chemical dosing in fertilizer manufacturing plants
  • Post process water treatment in reverse osmosis potable water plants
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