UV System Dulcodes MP

MTP is a proud distributor of ProMinent Chemical Dosing Pumps and Water Treatment Packages.

ProMinent’s UV system Dulcodes MP is designed for the decomposition of combined chlorine, which is an effective solution for the treatment of swimming pool water.

The system improves the water quality, eliminates the typical swimming pool odour and prevents irritation on swimmer’s eyes, nose and skin.


  • Compact inline system ensures low installation costs and fast retro fitting
  • High level of installation flexibility due to the wide range of mounting orientations
  • Automatic switch board based on the chloramine value
  • Maintenance work carried out quickly and conveniently from one side only
  • Manual or automatic wiper system for the removal of deposits on the lamp protection tube
  • Features
  • Applications
  • The system technology remains completely unaffected by adverse conditions in warm, humid plant rooms enriched by aggressive chemicals
  • Efficient cleaning of the lamp protection tubes during operation
  • Dulcodes MP is a compact inline system. Thanks to its flexible flange options, the system can be used with ease for different nominal widths of circulation rate
  • The UV reactor is designed in such a way that no UV radiation can escape from the reactor. This means that the system can be installed directly in a plastic pipe
  • Process water
  • Swimming pool water
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