Wellmaster 400

Flexible Rising Main System

Flexible Rising Main System

  • Lightweight, layflat coilable construction for ease of storage, handling and transport
  • High safety margins in both tensile and hydraulic performance
  • Total corrosion, microbiological and internal scaling resistance
  • Operatives do not have to work under suspended loads. No stored coil energy
Commercial & Industrial
Food & Beverage
Oil and Gas
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Wellmaster is the Industry Standard Flexible Rising Main for all types of ground water extraction and well monitoring operations. Its simplicity of installation makes Wellmaster the cost-effective alternative to rigid pipe.

Wellmaster 400 combines an integrated riser system, coupling accessories and ongoingtechnical support into one trusted package

  • Mine and quarry de-watering
  • Mineral groundwater extraction
  • Drains, caisson duty, offshore rigs and platforms
  • Offshore fire protection pumping

A wide range of couplings, manifolds and hardware are available for connecting the pipelines to auxiliary hardware.

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