Circulator Pumps

Grundfos circulator pumps stand out for their best-in-class efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements. These pumps are engineered to reduce energy consumption by up to 80% when compared to traditional circulators, all while delivering a noise-free performance. Explore our range to discover the ideal circulator pump tailored to meet your heating, cooling, and hot water recirculation needs. Elevate your system’s performance with the reliability and innovation synonymous with Grundfos technology.

Grundfos UP single-speed circulator pumps are designed for heating systems, while the three-speed UPS circulator pumps are used in central and district heating system while also being suitable for mixing loops in large systems. Both pumps provide reliable and maintenance-free operation.
The MAGNA3 D circulator pump means double the performance and reduced downtime. The two pumps communicate wirelessly and connects directly with the Grundfos GO app via Bluetooth.
ALPHA1 N is a high-efficiency circulator pump with stainless-steel pump housing suitable for domestic hot-water systems. Featuring integrated differential-pressure control as well as constant-curve mode.
The MAGNA3 N offers all of the features of a MAGNA3 in stainless-steel, if the media requires this, for example in domestic-hot water applications. The MAGNA3 has integrated Bluetooth allowing it to connect directly with the Grundfos GO APP.
ALPHA are high-efficiency variable speed circulators designed for heating, air-conditioning and domestic hot-water systems. The pumps are simple, fast, and easy to install and operate.
UP, UP Series 100
The Grundfos UP, UPS Series 100 circulator pumps are designed for heating, domestic hot-water, cooling and air-conditioning systems. The pumps are available in various materials and as twin-head variants, making them suitable for a range of applications. The pumps are reliable and maintenance-free.
ALPHA2 N is a circulator pump with stainless-steel pump housing for domestic hot-water systems. AUTOADAPT continuously adapts the pump to system demands for optimal comfort and low energy consumption.
Grundfos UP, UPS N circulator pumps have a corrosion-free stainless-steel pump housing and are recommended for domestic hot-water recirculation and underfloor heating systems. UP, UPS N can be connected to an on/off time switch to limit pump operation to periods when hot water is usually required.
ALPHA2 is a circulator pump designed for heating and air conditioning systems. AUTOADAPT continuously adapts the pump to system demands for optimal comfort, low energy consumption and simple commissioning.
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