Drum Pumps for Disinfectants and Cleaning Agent

For Acids
Pre-assembled pump kit to pump alkalis of 200 l drums (immersion length 1000 mm) or IBCs (immersion length 1200 mm). Comprising drum pump F 424/F 430 sealless or mechanical seal with an outer tube in polypropylene, commutator motor FEM 4070, hose, hand nozzle and compression gland.
FES 800
Pre-assembled pump kit to pump cleaning agents and disinfectants out of 60 l hobbocks. Comprising drum pump F 424, outer tube in polypropylene with commutator motor FEM 4070. Fume gland to protect operator and environment of dangerous vapours. Furthermore, the hose and hand nozzle are included.
The small drum pump JUNIORFLUX with fixed motor FEM 3070 is suitable for pumping comparably small quantities out of containers such as canisters or drums of up to 200 litres. The small outer tube diameter allows pumping even out of narrow openings. The pump kit consists of a motor, 2...
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