VISCOFLUX Drum Emptying System Information Request Form

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    Customer Information

    Customer Requirements

    1. Information about the product to be transfered (at operating temperature)*

    Product*: Viscosity*: mPas*, at: °C

    Ashesion: neutraladhesivegreasing

    2. Description of the application*

    Flow rate*: l/min     Pressure (at discharge side): bar     Hose length: m    Drums/day:pcs
    Operating hours/day: h

    Further information:

    3. Drum dimensions* (in mm) and drum set up*

    d1= 560 h= 880d1= 560 d2= 571,5 h= 1000d1= 550 d2= 515 h= 975d1= 571,5h= 870










    Inliner: YesNo


    GroundDrum dolly

    Palett (dimensions H*W*D):

    4. Process seal


    NBR(White)FDAFOOD ((EU) Nr. 10/2011)

    5. Selection VISCOFLUX

    VISCOFLUX - litefor higher-viscosity media which are just capable of flowing, out ofVISCOFLUX - for highly viscous, pasty and non-free flowing media, out of cylindrical drums with lids with drum diameter 560 mm and 571,5 mmVISCOFLUX mobile S - for high-viscosity, paste-like and non-free flowing media, out of conical drums, drums with smaller openings and drums with aseptic bags

    6. Pump

    Pump length:
    (only lite / mobile S)

    1.000 mm (up to 880 mm drum height)1.200 mm (from 880 mm drum height)

    Discharge connection:

    G 1 1/2 ARd 58 x 1/6Clamp 2

    Ceiling height:

    7. Stator


    NBRStandardFDAFOOD ((EU) Nr. 10/2011)

    PTFEStandardFDAFOOD ((EU) Nr. 10/2011)

    8. Motor & power supply for motor

    Pneumatic motor

    system pressure: bar

    Three-phase motorconstant motor speed (when motor speed is known)variable motor speed (for viscous / shear sensitive media und kkkeven if the perfect motor speed is not certain)

    3-phase AC mains: 230 V/50 HZ400 V/60 Hz

    custom: V / Hz

    Supply cable:
    (if not known, please attach a photo) 4-cored5-cored

    9. File Upload

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