5 Things You Need to Know Before a Pump Upgrade

You’ll know it’s time to upgrade your pump solutions if they’re underperforming, inefficient or no longer suited to your needs, however not all upgrades are the same. Read through the five things you should know before arranging an upgrade.

1. It’s worth getting a professional opinion before you plan an upgrade

If your pump is running poorly, it’s possible it may not require a complete upgrade. Sometimes pumps may simply require a new part, troubleshooting or a professional service to get them running at full capacity again. Having a pump maintenance specialist come out to your site to assess the equipment can ensure you get the most life out of your current pump and minimise wasted time and outlay.

2. Performance needs may have changed since the last pump was installed

Whether you are looking at a partial upgrade or a full system replacement, it’s worth thinking about what your pump will need to be capable of in the short and long-term. If it’s likely that requirements will change in the next few years then it could be worth investing in a complete upgrade rather than spend money on repairs to the existing system.

3. A custom solution can often be the most cost-effective

It’s easy to think that bespoke solutions are impractical or expensive to maintain. The truth is, not all sites or pump requirements are alike, and a tailored solution can often be the most cost-effective to install and repair for your specific needs. Our team creates custom solutions for all

project sizes that take into account the pump’s unique location as well as accessibility to maintenance and parts.

 4. Spare part availability is important

It doesn’t matter if your site is regional, remote or even in an urban area; keeping your pump system up and running can be critical to your business. We understand this, which is why we focus on keeping an extensive stock of spare parts and replacement options readily available. That means when you need it, it’s never far away.

 5. Brand quality does matter

Inferior pump brands may save you money in the short term, but they can quickly let you down through short or ineffective performance. Don’t trust any pump provider that recommends cheap brands; instead, consider the total cost over the pump’s life cycle and be willing to spend a little more upfront for a system that will give you excellent efficiency and value in the long term.

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