Why Use Flexible Rising Main for Borehole Applications?

While the fundamental components of borehole pumps remain the same as they always have, there are innovative products available that offer a number of benefits for agricultural, mining and other applications. Here are some of the main reasons it’s worth considering flexible rising main (FRM) over the more traditional PVC, polypipe, fibreglass or steel alternatives.

FRM is resistant to corrosion and build-up

Reliable performance is key in your bore water applications. Flexible pump hosing eliminates the risk and inconvenience of calcium, rust and lime build-ups that are common in other traditional materials. This makes flexible hosing a low-maintenance and dependable option for applications in farming and mining alike.

FRM is easy to store and transport

Flexible rising main hosing can be curved and rolled, making it significantly easier and cheaper to handle, store and transport than other options without any compromise in performance. The hosing’s flexible nature also makes it faster and easier to install and remove.

FRM offers better lifetime cost savings

Composed of polyeurothane and high-tenacity polyester yarn, our high quality flexible rising main products provide greater cost savings over their lifetime performance than alternatives, along with a five year warranty for your peace of mind.

FRM is available in a range of sizes and lengths

MTP supplies a variety of flexible hose products and accessories for water bore pumps including our own Aquaplus Oroflex Well range, available in lengths up to 500 mtrs. With longer standard lengths than alternative materials, FRM can provide a superior performance in deep wells and a higher water flow in narrow wells.

MTP supplies Grundfos borehole pumps and a range of pumps and hoses from leading brands to suit every need. The friendly staff at your closest branch can guide you in selecting the best rising main solution for your requirements, and can tailor a package for bore water pumps to suit. To order and access helpful advice, use our contact form or free call us on 1800 439 607.

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