Eye Wash Shower Pump Package

  • Client: Consultant (end user was BHP)
  • Industry: Mining (iron ore)
  • Package Type: Process Pump Package
  • Application: Pump package to supply treated water to emergency shower and eye wash stations on rail workshop site. Package transferred water from a tank to eye wash and shower stations

Package Components

  • Prominent DC2 pH/chlorine control package
  • Prominent dosing pump (Prominent Beta 4b) and associated controls
  • Prominent dosing tank
  • Ebara Circulation and booster pumps
  • 415 V Mains supply with auto changeover to diesel generator
  • Mounted on a galvanised base with a canopy

MTP Capabilities

  • Design
  • CAD Drawings
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly in MTP workshop
  • Onsite performance testing
  • Onsite commissioning
Eye Wash Shower Pump Package
Circulation And Booster Pumps
Auto Changeover Generator
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