Pressure System for Twin Tower Apartment Block

Malcolm Thompson Pumps recently installed a new pressure system for a 22 storey residential twin apartment block.


Old Quad Preassure Pump


New Pressure System

The Project

MTP was contacted by our customer as the pumps on their existing 20-year old quad pressure pump pressure system, which provides cold water and pressure to both of the 22-storey apartment buildings, were continually breaking down. This inconvenience meant no supply of water to both apartment towers.

They sought the expertise of the MTP team to develop a cost-effective solution to prevent pump failure within the system. The customer also specified that they wanted to be able to run the system manually and be able to switch it off with a press of a single button.

The Solution

After visiting the site and discussing the client’s requirements, MTP provided three possible solutions, along with quotations to the customer. These three options were:

  1. Conduct a complete overhaul of the system including overhauling pipework.
  2. Replace with similar pumps with the VSD drive installed on top of the pumps.
  3. Replace with similar pumps with the VSD drive installed inside the panel rather than on top of the pumps.

Option three was selected by the customer. This option meant that if the pumps were to break down in future, the customer would not have to replace the entire unit, they would just need to replace the pumps which is less costly.

The pumps installed were Grundfos 4kW CR10 pumps. The replacement panel installed was a Variable Frequency Drive Pressure Control System.

The steps undertaken to develop the solution and install the new system included:

  • Planning
    • Working with suppliers to obtain curves, check drawings, select suitable new pumps for the system, and organise the parts required.
    • Investigate what pumps and panel equipment were needed to ensure they fit seamlessly into the existing system to minimise downtime.
  • Installation
    • Dismantling and pull out existing system.
    • Switching over 2 pumps at a time in order to keep the system online for as long as possible. The system was down for only 2 hours when reconnecting the power (MTP promised the customer that the downtime would be no longer than 3 hours).
    • Removing the old panel off the wall and installing the new panel.
  • Testing
    • Thorough testing was conducted to ensure the end result met all of the customer’s requirements and overcame the issue.

The Results

The job required the following expertise, experience and knowledge:

  • Reconnect / Disconnect licence.
  • Electrical expertise and qualifications for wiring control board and other electrical items.
  • Fitting expertise to competently install the pumps.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of various pumping systems and how they function.

Three members of our MTP service team attended the site to carry out works and install the new system. The onsite installation took a total of 9 hours to complete and the customer was pleased with the results.

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