Supply of Borehole Pump Packages for Gold Mine

  • Client: Hanking Gold, Kalgoorlie
  • Industry: Mining (gold)
  • Package Type: Borehole Pump Package
  • Application: Extract water from bores of 180m depth

Package Components

  • Lowara ZN646/23-L submersible, 316SS, multistage pumps with diffusers complete with 37kW, 316SS Centripro motors
  • Aquaplus Flexible Rising Main (FRM) 100mm hose, couples and straps
  • 316SS Half shrouds
  • Headworks
  • SSB-D 37kW Techsys control panels
Pump setup hanking gold
Hanking pump gold mining
Pump installation
Pump installation setup
Hanking gold mine pump system
pump motor

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