Pump Replacement at a Local University

Malcolm Thompson Pumps has been providing preventative pump maintenance services for a local university’s pump systems for many years. Our technicians are familiar with all the pump systems on the campus and they are able to provide services with a fast turnaround. The benefits of having a long term business relationship allows our pump specialists to identify problems before they escalate to larger repairs.

pump-replacement-at-a-local-university-case-study-1-beforeThe Problem

During scheduled routine maintenance, the service technicians inspected a hot water circulator pump which is used for the air conditioning unit that heats five buildings on campus. The four pumps were part of an alternating system, with one pump online and three offline at any given time.

The Solution

The specialist team at Malcolm Thompson Pumps advised the client that it was uneconomical to repair. pump-replacement-at-a-local-university-case-study-2-removalWith the cost of the repair in materials and labour exceeding the cost of a new pump, MTP proposed the supply and installation of a new Aquaplus End Suction DIN Pump.

The Sydney branch had an Aquaplus End Suction DIN Pump in stock and were able to return onsite to install, perform test and place it in service. Watch our video of the installation here.

The Results

pump-replacement-at-a-local-university-case-study-5-afterOnce the installation and performance check was completed, the hot water circulator was switched back on with the pump system fully functional and operational. The client was highly satisfied with the outcome, with the new pump system installation and our professional service.

Malcolm Thompson Pumps provides a wide range of preventative pump maintenance and repair services to a large range of venues including universities. Whether you are looking for preventative maintenance or need a pump repair, contact one of our expert pump technicians today on 1800 439 607.

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