F 640 PP/15-30

Tank pump with conical rotor or impeller for delivery rates up to max. 700 l/min

  • Suitable for tanks heights up to 4.1 m without bottom opening
  • Mounting flange with outer Ø 265 mm
  • Pump is hermetically tight
  • Steel core in the inner tube prevents longitudinal changes between inner tube and pump shaft
  • For mobile and stationary use
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For pumping large quantities of heavy flammable liquids from containers, tanks and open basins as well as for conveying chemically aggressive fluids throughout the chemical industry and process engineering. Versions with an open conical impeller or closed centrifugal impeller in different sizes for different power ranges.

• Anodizing solution
• Vegetable fibre suspension
• Water-based lacquers
• Alkaline pickling vats
• Industrial effluent

• Flow rate: max. 700 l/min1
• Delivery head: max. 32 mwc1
• Viscosity: min. 1 mPas – max. 150 mPas1
• Diameter pump housing: max. 148 mm2
• Diameter mounting flanges: max. 265 mm2
• Materials outer tube: Polypropylene
• Media / Fluids: Acids, AdBlue®, Alkalis, Fuels
• Seal: mechanical seal
• Container: 1000 l IBC, Tanks > 1000 liters

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