SDSE Series

Intelligent Submersible Drainage Pump

  • Potect against reverse phase, ensuring correct impeller rotation
  • Protect against open phase or impeller jam, thus prevent accidental damage
  • Automatically stop the pump in event of overload, abnormal voltage, and recovery 5min later
  • The pump stop working at high temperature, and will automatically restart after cooling to the specified temperature
  • The water sensor’s height is adjustable to control the pulp operation and stop
  • The pump stops working within 60s when water level is below the probe. When the water level rises to contact the electric probe, the pump starts operating again
  • Rapid assessment about the pump operation and malfunction history

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  • Applications
  • Tech Specs
  • Characteristics

The pump system has been designed to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency. The motor housing incorporates a strategically designed discharge channel, serving two crucial purposes. Firstly, it ensures effective motor cooling, allowing the pump to operate optimally even when water levels are low for extended periods. Secondly, this innovative feature promotes efficient water discharge, preventing any potential disruptions in the pumping process.

One of the key components of our pump is the semi-open impeller, meticulously crafted using a high chrome alloy. This choice of material guarantees outstanding durability, excellent resistance to wear, and overall enhanced performance. The semi-open design of the impeller enables efficient movement of water, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimising energy losses during operation.

To further elevate the functionality of our pump, we have integrated an intelligent control system, enabling automatic operation. This state-of-the-art system is equipped with advanced algorithms that constantly monitor and adjust the pump’s performance based on the prevailing conditions. As a result, not only does it provide seamless operation and convenience, but it also contributes to substantial energy savings, reducing the overall operating costs.

  • Civil engineering
  • Mines, quarries, coal ore & slurries
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • General pumping purposes
  • Pumping fluid: sludge, liquids-containing
  • Capacity: up to 150m3/h
  • Head: up to 50 meters
  • Power: 1.5kW (2HP) to 11 Kw (15HP)
  • Power supply: three phase 400v ± 10%, 50 Hz 380V±10%,6a0Hz
  • Insulation class: F
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Cable length: 15m (1.5 ̴ 5.5Kw) 8m(7.5 ̴ 11 Kw)
  • Water temperature: up to 40˚ C
  • Max: water depth: 25m
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