Type LMV-331 Complete Gearbox Assembly

Gearbox Unit

  • Pre-assembled
  • Suitable for Sundyne Pump type LMV-331
  • Meets the highest material and quality standard

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  • Materials of Construction
  • Spare Parts
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Completely pre-assembled and test bench tested gearbox units from sammler cs suitable for Sundyne Pump type LMV-331 allow a quick and easy exchange of defective gearbox units on site. Downtime of the pump is reduced to a minimum.

All sammler cs gearbox components meet the highest material and quality standards and are fully compatible with the Sundyne original gearbox parts. Upon returning the failed gearbox to sammler cs the customer gets a discount on the price of the new supplied unit.

Standard materials of construction
Gearbox housings Aluminium (high strength)
Shafts / Gears Alloy steel
Journal bearings Lead bronze
Gaskets Viton

The following components which also can be ordered separately are included in the gearbox kit:

  • Low speed shaft assembly (A120)
  • Idler shaft assembly (A140)
  • High speed shaft assembly (A130)
  • Lube oil pump and spring (160 / 23A)
  • Upper and lower journal bearing (151A/151B)
  • Upper and lower axial thrust washer (155A/155B)
  • Housing gasket (105)
  • O-Ring (936T)
  • Gearbox shaft seal (115)


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