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VISCOFLUX Drum Emptying System

The unique VISCOFLUX drum emptying system is used by various industries for fast, cost effective conveying of highly viscous, pasty and non-free flowing. It guarantees virtually complete and gentle emptying from standard drums with lids.

The VISCOFLUX drum emptying system is mounted on the drum with a clamping ring so that the system and drum form a secure unit. When the material is pumped by the eccentric screw pump, a partial vacuum is created below the follower plate. This vacuum automatically pulls down the plate. The follower plate therefore hermetically seals the pumped material. In addition, its flexible sealing lip ensures that virtually no pumped material remains attached to the drum wall.

In this way the VISCOFLUX system achieves emptying with a residual quantity of less than 1%. This saves time and costs; there is no need for time-consuming subsequent cleaning of the drum by hand.

Another advantage of this drum emptying system is that different drive motors and eccentric screw pumps can be combined so that the system can be optimally designed for the material to be pumped.

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VISCOFLUX Drum Emptying System
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  • Pumps materials that are not free flowing, even from drums with in-liners
  • Residual quantity in the drum <1 %
  • Mobile use, simply transport to the drum
  • Combination of pump and motor can be individually designed for the material to be pumped (modular design)
  • Eccentric screw pump for careful, low-turbulence pumping, handles the materials gently
  • Follower plate seals off the material, airtight
  • Flexible sealing lip ensures that virtually no material is left behind on the drum wall
  • Overall system has little dead space
  • Use of high-quality materials
  • Easy to operate control unit with dead man’s switch for the traversing movement
  • Transport device with two eyebolts and pneumatic transport locking
  • Vaseline (including from drums with inliners)
  • Cosmetic products such as creams, mascara
  • Lanolin and wool wax
  • Structural adhesives
  • Resins
  • Peanut paste
  • Greases up to grease class 3 and coating compounds
  • PVC printing/insulation dye, liquid PVC
  • UV, hydro and wood filling compound
  • Paints and silicones
  • Sealing paste for sealing with hemp
  • Materials, which gasify or react with oxygen
  • Materials, in which neither air nor foreign particles may penetrate
  • Designed for drums with an internal diameter of 560 mm and 571.5 mm, with a height of up to max. 950 mm
  • Delivery rate: up to 40 l/min, depending on the viscosity and flow behaviour of the pumped material
  • System dimensions:

Diameter 720 mm
Height without drum 1450 mm
Weight without pump and motor approx. 45 kg

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