Drive motors for drum and container pumps

Motor FEM 3070
The internally ventilated three-phase motor FEM 3070 with mains connection has an ergonomic handle for an easy one-handed operation. The quick action coupling is for the easy connection between motor and pump. Due to the mains connection a very long operating time is possible, furthermore, the overcurrent protection switch ensures...
Motor FBM-B 3100
The motor FBM-B 3100 can be used immediately and flexibly – without installing cables, independent of power supply – also outdoors. The motor is maintenance-free and has a long battery runtime of up to 120 min. The Li-ion replaceable battery is recharged within 30 min. A 200 l drum can...
Motor FPM
The FPM is an extremely powerful and cool running compressed-air motor. Moreover, due to its simple and low maintenance design, it is highly reliable.
Motor F 416 Ex
The compressed-air motor F 416 Ex is very light and easy to handle and, at the same time, extremely powerful. Thanks to a silencer, it is very quiet. Alternatively, an exhaust hose can be used to guide the exhaust air to an oil separator. The speed is simply adjusted by...
Spur Gear Drive Motor
The FLUX spur gear drive motor has a frequency control that allows the variable throughput. The speed range is from 47 to 472 rpm and the performance is from 0.055 to 0.55 kW. Furthermore, the motor is infinitely variable and has protection class IP 54.
Motor DSM
The FLUX three-phase motor “DSM” convinces with its constant speed and the low noise level. It is available with a speed of 700 or 930 rpm and a performance of 0.75 or 1.1 kW. The DSM motors are alternatively available with motor protection switches or cable terminal box and in...
Motor F 414
With the robust three-phase, Gearmotor F 414 an increased duty cycle of the pump is possible, so it can be used everywhere where extreme conditions prevail. Moreover, it is convenient with a constant speed and is available with a motor protection switch or cable terminal box.
Motor F 403
The three-phase motor F 403 is very low-wear. Furthermore, it convinces with its constant speed and the deficient noise level. With a speed of 2850 rpm, it is suitable for media with a viscosity up to 30 000 mPas. With a speed of 1450 rpm it is ideal for media...
Motor FBM 4000 Ex
The FBM 4000 Ex is a compact brushless motor, has an extremely tough housing with double skin in aluminium and is thus very quiet. The soft-start and easy-to-handle speed control, integrated into the control knob, allow sensitive dosing. Speed, current and temperature are monitored electronically. The integrated no-volt release prevents...
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