Kalgoorlie Service Centre – Now Servicing and Testing 1000V Pumps

At Malcolm Thompson Pumps Kalgoorlie, we have recently upgraded our pump and motor testing facilities. With over 40 year’s experience, we have always been trusted to service and test our customers’ 415V pumps. Now we can also service and test  our customers’ 1000V pumps at our local service centre!

  • Servicing and testing 415V to 1000V pumps
  • Testing to APIA and Australian Standards
  • Only test tank outside Perth that complies to APIA and Australian Standards
  • Servicing and testing a wide range of pump types including submersible pumps, self priming pumps, plastic chemical pumps, piston pumps, membrane pumps and ISO, DIN, ANSI and API end suction pumps
  • Fast turnaround

The control cabinet is equipped with an auto transformer to convert the 415V power supply to 1000V. The control panel displays all electrical readings and we can produce a Power Curve if required.

The variable frequency drive allows us to start the pumps at very low speeds, we can then increase the speed up to and beyond 50Hz. This prevents a large inrush current (reducing any local Electrical Problems) and greatly reduces any jolting or jarring on start-up.

The test tank has a Vee Notch for flow measurement (15 degrees for the smaller flows and 45 degrees for the larger flows). We can test pumps with motors from as small as 0.37kW at 240V, and up to 110kW at 415V and 210kW at 1000V.

Check out our new capabilities! We’d love for you to visit us at 34 Hopkins Street, Boulder WA or phone us on (08) 9093 0297.

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