Booster Pump System Design and Installation for Caravan Park

Before – Old System After – New System
Nossitor Pumps Booster System Mtp Multi B System
Nossitor Pumps Booster System Grundfos Multi B System

Malcolm Thompson Pumps recently worked with Marsden Park Caravan Park in NSW on a tailored pump solution to update their existing Nossiter Pumps Booster System on their site. Malcolm Thompson Pumps Sydney designed, commissioned and installed a new Grundfos Multi B System at Marsden Park Caravan Park, replacing the old portable water supply system.

The selected Grundfos Multi B System was fully installed within one day and was selected because it best suited to the client’s needs and provides the following cost benefits:
  • Lower capital cost than typical CR systems
  • Energy efficiency – run on lower costs
  • Variable frequency drives to help reduce up to 80% of electrical costs

Marsden Park Caravan Park’s previous system dated back to 1984; it was supplying water to 230 caravan and cottage sites. Due to its age, the Nossitor Pumps Booster System had no spare parts accessible in the market and proved to be energy inefficient.

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