Lay Flat Flexible Polyurethane Hoses

Malcolm Thompson Pumps offers a broad range of piping products designed for groundwater extraction applications in a variety of sectors, from mine dewatering, bore water pumping, residential wells and agriculture, to other water utilities.

Designed for simplified groundwater extraction

Aquaplus Lay Flat Flexible Hoses are well known for enhancing the installation process of high and low pressure pumps. It consists of flexible piping, a complete selection of couplings and accessories, designed to make the installation of pumps in wells easy and quick.

The lightweight, flexible piping is much easier to handle, deploy and retrieve than rigid tubing, drastically reducing the time and cost involved when installing submersible pumps.


Lay Flat Flexible Hoses

Benefits of Lay Flat Flexible Hoses

  • Suits irregular wellsLay Flat Flexible Hoses

Can be installed with centering devices, and technical problems can thus be avoided.

  • Corrosion resistant

The flexible tubing is made of polyurethane and high-tenacity polyester yarm, which does not corrode.

  • Reduced vibration and noise

Absorbs vibations, rapid changes in pressure and unwanted noise from the installation.

  • Energy saving

Avoids incrustations, reducing hose pressure loss and minimising energy consumption

  • Self-supporting layflat riser

Does not need any supplementary fastening elements

  • High water follow in narrow wells

Aquaplus Flexible Piping is produced in one single length. This makes it possible to install piping of a larger diameter compared to rigid tubes.

Read how the Aquaplus FRM supported a Grundfos Bore Pump installation here.

A leading Australian lay flat hose supplier

  • Extensive stock holdings across Australia, ready for immediate delivery
  • flexible-hose-pipeFull technical support available
  • Available in lengths of 200m+
  • Full range of accessories
  • 5 year warranty

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Thousands of wells all over the world have been fitted with Aquaplus flexible water pump hoses. Contact our team today for a quote or call us on 1800 439 607

Extensive stock holdings Australia-wide
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Brochure
  • Flexible tubing for high pressure pumps
  • Max. Flow: 3.1 – 75 L/sec
  • Max. Working Pressure: 25 bar
  • Diameter: 32 – 150 mm
  • Made of polyurethane with polyester textile internal reinforcement
  • Appropriate for potable water
  • Meets requirements of certification NSF61 an WRAS
  • Low pressure loss due to dilatation (15% at working pressure)
  • Resistant to high temperatures and acid water
  • Residential wells
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Water utilities
  • Sports fields, playgrounds or parks
  • Appraisal wells
  • Water monitoring
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