ISSB Series

Split Case Pump

  • The pump is designed to deliver efficient performance, minimising energy consumption and operational costs
  • Robust construction and quality materials ensure reliable and continuous operation even under demanding conditions
  • The split case design allows for quick and convenient access to the internal components, simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime
  • The design and construction of these pumps help reduce noise and vibration levels, contributing to a quieter working environment

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The Aquaplus Split Case Pumps are a type of centrifugal pump designed for handling large volumes of water or other fluids. They are commonly used in various industrial, commercial, and municipal applications where high flow rates and moderate to high pressures are required.

The design of Aquaplus Split Case Pumps features a horizontally split casing. The pump casing is divided into two separate parts, usually at the centerline of the impeller, which allows for easy access to the internal components for maintenance and repair purposes. This split case design also facilitates the installation and removal of the pump without the need to disassemble the entire system.

These pumps typically have double suction impellers, meaning the fluid is drawn in from both sides of the impeller. This design helps to balance axial forces and reduces hydraulic thrust, resulting in improved efficiency and prolonged bearing and seal life. The impellers are usually made of durable materials such as cast iron, bronze, or stainless.

For handling pure, raw and waste water as well as seawater in:

  • Water works
  • Irrigation and drainage pumping stations
  • Power stations
  • Industrial water supply
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Marine and offshore engineering
  • General applications in the petrochemical industry
  • General applications in the petrochemical industry
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