Centrifugal Pumps

The Wernert centrifugal pumps are competent of handling the most aggressive, abrasive, or toxic substances. Crafted from advanced non-metal materials such as UHMW-PE, PVDF, or PTFE, these centrifugal pumps ensure optimal functionality and durability.

The Wernert range of plastic pumps adheres rigorously to industry-leading safety and quality standards, including AT certification, offering peace of mind in even the most demanding environments.

Type series SP
For conveying aggressive, corrosive or solid laden liquids, e.g. in flue gas desulphurization plants (FGD).
For conveying aggressive, corrosive, solid laden or toxic liquids. Smaller sizes are available in unit construction (Type series FK).
Type series NM
For unit construction (Type series FMonveying aggressive, corrosive or toxic liquids. All sizes are available in unit construction (Type series FM).
Type series VKPF
For conveying aggressive, corrosive or solid-laden liquids from basins, vessels or sumps. As type series VKP also with intermediate bearings for large immersion depths. The vertical chemical pump made of plastic for wet installation is also available as smaller version VKPF 25-160
Type series NKPF
For space-saving pumping of aggressive liquids containing solids or fibres out of tanks and basins.
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